Friday, August 14, 2009

Pasta Puttanesca

Pasta Puttanesca, otherwise known as 'Whore's Pasta' is one of my favorite easy, yet impressive dishes to make. This tastes authentically Italian. The history of the dish varies, whether it was developed late one night in an Italian restaurant, or by the ladies of the night, but the ingredients are still simple and would most likely be found in any good Italian cupboard. and vary slightly, depending on which recipe you find. I have included or left out one or 2 ingredients, depending on what I have in the house. Ingredients include: Tomatoes, Anchovy filets, Black Olives (I recommend Kalmata olives), Basil (fresh is best), Garlic, Onion, Olive Oil and Capers. Some recipes also include Red Pepper Flakes.

VERSION ONE (the one I use): Saute onions and garlic in oilve oil, set aside. Rinse anchovy filets. Slice fresh tomatoes into thin slices and score the end pieces, pit and half olives. Layer olive oil, tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, onions and garlic, anchovy filets, and capers in a lasagne dish, top with fresh ground pepper. Repeat two more times. Place in oven at 375 degrees for 15 minutes or so, remove from oven, tear tomatoes apart, place in oven until tomatoes are completely soft. Spoon over spaghetti and serve.

VERSION TWO: Saute onions, garlic and anchovies in olive oil. Add canned tomatoes, diced black olives, capers, red pepper flakes and fresh basil. Simmer for 15 minutes and serve over spaghetti.

This makes a salty tomato sauce. If you want it less salty, rise the capers before adding. Seafood makes a great addition to this sauce, if you are inclined to add it to make the meal a bit heartier.

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