Thursday, August 13, 2009

Keep Calm and Carry On - Finished Project

Have you ever noticed how one thing leads to another and suddenly you're in the middle of 10 projects, when you started out with 2? I do realize that given the fact that it's my hubby and I, that it will get bigger than it would with other people, but we just figure if you're starting, why not finish? That's the situation I am currently in with my house, but I have completed my poster project.

I started with the idea that I would like to have a keep calm and carry on poster that I had seen on a variety of websites. I mentioned this to my husband who has a screen printing company and he offered to make me one. To clarify, he actually offered to make me several of them since it's not worth it to set up to print one poster. As I was sleuthing to find out the name of the font used on the poster (note: it's actually a hand drawn font), we actually came upon the other 2 posters that were created in 1939 to go along with the keep calm poster. He then offered to make these as well. I selected my 3 ink colors that I wanted the posters to be, but one of his employees, as she was printing the posters, decided she wanted to try out some other colors they had in stock to see what they would look like. As well, she misunderstood and thought that 80 posters meant 80 of each color, not 80 total. So now, I have hundreds of these posters.

I wanted to put them in our kitchen, where a floating shelf was threatening, on a daily basis, to hit us it the head. I took down the shelf, and the paint and some of the drywall peeled off. Not knowing what color the previous owners had painted the wall, I decided I might as well paint the whole kitchen. So last week I painted my kitchen a cheery "Cloud White". I have to say it looks better than before and provided an even better backdrop to the brightly colored posters. Stay tuned for more finished projects.

What projects do you have that have become bigger than you originally planned?

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  1. I am excited to see the new color. Good job finishing a project!