Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I heart my new dishwasher

In January, my hubby and I decided that we were not going to eat out at restaurants for the entire month. Our food bills were skyrocketing and, as we have a perfectly good kitchen in which to cook, we really had no excuse. A week or so into this resolution of sorts, we discovered our kitchen floor wet and nasty water backed up into our dishwasher. We wet vacuumed it out but, unfortunately, it could not be save. Being that we knew we would soon be in need of a new refrigerator as well, we decided to go on without a dishwasher until we could go and buy a fridge and dishwasher together. I am proud to say we survived eight months of dish washing and are probably better for it. It allowed for talking time (and some dishes-induced yelling time) but it worked out alright. Having said that, I couldn't be happier with our new dishwasher. As a newer model, it uses less water and is far quieter than our old one, the latter being an important factor as our room is directly beside the kitchen. It is humming in the background as I type. ahh.....so nice.

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