Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nie Nie Today

I have posted about Stephanie of Nie Nie Dialogues before. She and her family were on the Today show this morning. It's interesting to see her "live" after reading for so long. Why is it that every time I hear her story, I am brought to tears?

Check it out here

Monday, November 23, 2009

Museum and a Park

We took a low key day (read:we slept in) and had a bit of a late start. After grabbing some bun from the Vietnamese restaurant, we took to train to the Australian Museum. I was impressed by the exhibits, it was a classic style of museum. We didn't have that long there as it closed early. It was pretty cool when we went to the dinosaur room, all of the fossils were from Drumheller, Alberta! The first room we went into was about skeletons, so neat. There were also exhibits about rocks and minerals and native animals of Australia.

To get to the museum, we crossed Hyde Park. It has the Anzac (vetrans) Memorial and a view of Sydney's tower (like the CN Tower in Toronto).

There was a crazy street performer who was on the top of a post on a bicycle, juggling a torch, a knife and an apple.We had a bit of time so we stopped to grab a bite at a cafe right at Sydney Harbour. I took more pics of the bridge (as I sat eating supper). We had some fish and chips and salads, finished with (what else) gelati-including pistachio gelati

In the evening we went to a performance of the Pirates of Penzance at the Sydney Opera House. It's a comedic opera in English. I kept pinching myself as I couldn't believe we were seeing an Opera at the Sydney Opera House...so cool!!!

More of Sydney

I know this is a bit late in coming but I thought I'd share a few more things from the end of our trip (mainly for me to write them down before I forget)

We went to the Central Station a few times (on our way to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant). It's really neat. All of the trains stop into that station.

We checked out Paddy's Market, which was the BIGGEST farmer's market/flea market I have ever seen. There was everything from veggies and flowers to band t-shirts and lingerie (seriously, who buys lingerie at a flea market???) to knives and toys. There were tons and tons of knock offs. It was quite the experience. If we had a kitchen while we were there I could have bought so many of the yummy ingredients for sale.

We made a trip to Bondi Beach, which is well known for it's surf waves. The day we went to Bondi, it was unseasonably cold, so we didn't bother with surfing lessons, but went for ice cream (ok, so I just had some more of that yummy rhubarb ice cream).