Monday, July 20, 2009

Quilt - Pieced and Ready to go

Although this is the first quilt I have posted about, it is my second quilt that i have pieced together. The pattern is based off of Amy Butler's Mid Mod Quilt pattern. I started it after I realized I had a lot of fabric left over from the 20 fat quarters I needed for my first quilt, a Turning Twenty pattern. I trimmed up the scraps to make them square and then sewed 6 together. Once I had nine pieces, I squared them off to 15.5 by 15.5 inches. I alternated the direction of the strips and sewed them together to make a larger block. A 2 inch, followed by a 12 inch border framed the scraps, added size, and finished off the quilt top. Because the top of the quilt is so busy, I bought a beautiful piece of leaf green solid fabric for the back and some blue and green thick thread to tie-quilt the layers together. It's funny that when I thought of quilting it was the cutting and piecing that I thought was a lot of work, meanwhile it is the tying (or stitching) and binding that will take more time. I haven't tie quilted (or any kind of quilted) before so wish me luck and stay tuned for the final results.

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