Saturday, July 4, 2009

To-Do Wish List

I am a list maker, I love lists. I will add things to a list that have already been completed just so I can cross them off the list. My husband wants lists of things that I want him to do. These lists are less fun to make but nice since when I do make them, the items on them almost always all get done.

I was reading over at simply radiant and noticed her post of things she would like to do this summer. So, in honor of the beginning of July and the commencement of the nice weather, here's my To Do Wish List (a combination of need and want-to do's)

1. Till between my trees in the front yard to give them some breathing room
2. Can the veggies from Rhonda and my garden
3. Spend time at my parents cabin with friends and family for at least 2 weekends
4. Attach chicken wire around the porch to prevent future skunks
5. Landscape front garden and replace shrubs
6. Go for ice cream with my hubby (obviously more than once)
7. Reorganize and clean out the garage
8. Finish the 2 quilts I have started
9. Go waterskiing
10. Stain the deck (done. See, it's satisfying that one item is complete)
11. Go for gelati

What items would/do you have on your summer list?

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