Friday, July 17, 2009

Before and After: Sitting Pretty

WARNING: this post has an overuse of exclamation points which may be offensive to some readers)

Oh boy! I am so excited to share this before and after with you! I bought this chair at the local thrift shop about 4 months ago for 15 dollars! I was browsing the store, saw the chair, and actually gasped when I saw it. It was a cat scratch chair in it's former life, the back was completely shredded and it was covered in nasty cat hair.

It required a bit of work to revive it. I started by removing the fabric, all 4 layers of it, along with the disintegrating foam. I then sanded down the arms and legs to remove the old stain and lacquer. Did you know that you can buy spray primer? That's what's I used, followed by black spray paint to finish off the arms and legs. I found a fabric that I liked and ordered it with the intention of upholstering it myself, but then realized it was more complicated and not worth the frustration to try and reupholster it myself. So, I found a great local upholsterer who usually does vintage car interiors that replaced the foam seat and reupholstered it for me.

I love the end result! It has gone from a garage-relegated cast-off (with potential) to a beautiful addition to my living room.

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