Friday, July 3, 2009

Garage Sale

I went to my hometown today to spend some quality time with my mom and to have a garage sale. A small town, signs on the corner, tables in the driveway deal. In anticipation of the sale, I went through each room in my house yesterday and added anything that wasn't beautiful, useful or had sentimental value to the bin (read Peter Walsh's 'It's all too much' for more info and inspiration). Well, maybe I wasn't as ruthless as I could have been, but I did feel satisfied with the boxes of sale items I managed to collect. My hubby made us some garage sale signs (the advantage of having a husband in the graphics industry), my mom picked up some pre-printed price stickers and borrowed some tables and we were set. My Uncle also brought items to add to the sale and my Grandma came with banana cake and butter tarts. We enjoyed fresh, sun-brewed iced tea and enjoyed the beautiful day. At the end of it all I made just over $40 and managed to unload all of my large items. Whatever is left at the end of tomorrow will go the the local thrift store. Overall, it was an enjoyable day in the sun.

Any garage sale (hosting or attending) plans for the summer?

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  1. I have hosted my share of garage sales! I find them exhilarating! Getting rid of junk and making some cash! Win-win!