Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yummy Salad

I've been a bit negligent with blogging, so here's a quick one for today with more to come including a great (really great) before and after, some quilts and other fun stuff.

This yummy salad is my version of a salad from 592 Wellington. Start with a romaine heart. I cut mine into large leaves but for a dramatic presentation for a group, you could just wash it and trim the bottom and lay the whole heart on the plate. Next, I added slices of chilled goat cheese, roasted red pepper and then topped it with a vinaigrette. The salad at 592 Wellington has thinly sliced red onion which I didn't have, and therefore couldn't include. I used the Fig Balsamic dressing by Kraft as my dressing which has a nice sweetness to it, but any vinaigrette would work.

It's fun to cut the lettuce and load it with as much or as few toppings as you like per bite. Enjoy!

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