Friday, May 22, 2009

Surprise on my Porch

There was a surprise waiting for me on my porch tonight at the end of my 12 hour day. Raspberry canes and rhubarb plants! I was so excited, as images of yummy pies and jams dance through my head. My wonderful mother, after hearing my desire for my own raspberry bushes and sadness over the death of my rhubarb plant, apparently found me what I was looking for. There is nothing like picking fresh, warm raspberries and eating them while weeding the garden, or taking a bite of the young rhubarb stalks that are the perfect tartness that they don't need any sugar yet. I remember my grandma letting me and my cousin pick her raspberries when we were kids, and that she didn't get mad at us when we stained her aprons after we used them to gather up all the berries. I love gardening for the result, but also all the good memories that I recall and the new memories that it creates. Now to get those plants in the ground...

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