Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Picking Paint

We are painting our house! We have been in it for about a year and a half and it's time for a facelift. It's a 20 year old home and just in need of some freshening. We're also restaining the deck and repainting the front porch, which is sure to result in an excellent before and after. The house is currently white but, being in the country, we have lots of dirt and dust blowing through and I think I'm going to choose something that won't look grungy quite so quickly.

Choosing a color for an interior room is intimidating enough where a mistake only costs 20 to 50 dollars to fix but choosing an exterior color is a whole other ball game. How will I choose? My indecisiveness is a problem at this point as my paint color selection is now the only thing keeping the painter from starting. Thankfully, I've been noticing exterior colors in anticipation of painting and I'm hoping for a moment of revelation. I think I might check out a few of the paint company websites to see if they have a virtual program so I can see before i commit. That reminds me, I also need to pick a color for the front door and the garage doors...oh my. Any suggestions?


  1. I had a very hard time just choosing paint for my patio furniture, so I am no help to you!

  2. Did you pick a color for the furniture? How did it and your pots turn out?