Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kudos to...Grandma

This weeks kudos goes to my Grandma. She is a fantastic pie baker. Tonight my hubby and I enjoyed a night snack (aka late dessert) of fresh apple pie, courtesy of my Grandma. This summer we were discussing rhubarb and I mentioned that I love rhubarb desserts. she offered to make me some rhubarb pie and asked what kind of pie my husband liked. When I told her apple, she offered to make apple pie too. A few weeks later we were the grateful recipients of a rhubarb, an apple and a saskatoon pie. At almost every family gathering, she makes sure that each of her nine grandkids leaves with a pie from her freezer. We all have grown up on, and love her pie. One of my favorite backing memories was when I went over to her house and she showed me how to make pie crust. She always uses lard for her crust, and her pastry is so flaky and delicious.

So kudos to you, Grandma. Derek and I thank you

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