Friday, September 18, 2009

Drink Sleeve Giveaway!

I hope all of you enjoyed the post on how to make a coffee cup sleeve. I was recently talking to a few people about blogging and found out that they were reading, and I didn't even know. In order to get a better idea of who is reading and what you like, I'm offering a giveaway. Here's how it works: Post a comment between today and midnight on Monday night. Either comment on your latest project that you have completed or one you are wanting to finish OR your favorite type of post (eg. recipes, how to, kudos, etc). I will randomly choose a winner from among the posts, and post the winner Tuesday morning. The winner gets 2 reuseable drink sleeves so you can have one for you and one for your honey (or one for your car and one for home).

** If you don't have an account it's really easy to sign up for one, and then you can post on other blogs too!

1 comment:

  1. I can comment now! I haven't started a blog yet because I can't think of a title...but look how far I've come!