Monday, October 5, 2009

Trying to Get Away...

I woke up this morning to find that the small body rash that I had on Friday (I guess I'm allergic to sulfa drugs) had grown, brightened and was now covering all of my body, including my face and making my lips swell. I was concerned, so I decided to try to get into see a doctor at the Urgent Care Centre. We had to leave by 12:30 at the latest in order to make it to Minneapolis on time for our flight to LA. I received a prescription for prednisone, and went to the pharmacy that I thought would be fastest. I was stressed to hear that the wait was half an hour. This was at 11:30. I ran over the Wendy's to get some food as I texted Derek, who was packing my stuff and the car. I got the prescription and, as I was waiting to turn at an intersection, a gentleman backed into the truck! All I could think of was, "I hope there's no damage so I can get out of here". Thankfully I was out of there in less than 2 minutes. I made it home and at 12:15 we left home! We made it to our flight with time to spare and flew to LA. When we went to pick up our car, we decided to upgrade to a midsized car. The guy at Hertz was so nice that he upgraded us to a convertible! So, we got to cruise through LA in a nice, sleek, black Mustang convertible! We are tired, nut glad to be here for a few days.

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