Thursday, October 8, 2009

Something is different...

We are having a great time here, and noticing some of the differences between home and here. First, and most obvious is the driving on the wrong side of the road. This means the rivers is on the opposite side of the vehicle, you have to look in the opposite direction when crossing the street, yield to the opposite direction, and make sure you're not driving on the wrong side of the road after turning.

There is not a "no shirt, no shoes, no service" policy here. People walk around in Cairns without shoes. Last night, half of the people who walked into Subway as we were eating were barefoot. Children walk around on the streets, sidewalks and in restaurants without shoes.

Business hours are "Trading Hours"

The electrical outlets are a different shape (we need converters) and they all have switches on them to turn them on and off.

Yogurt is spelled Yoghurt, but is yummier than the stuff we buy at home.

Phone numbers are eight digits, rather than 7 (eg ####-####)

The tax is included in all the prices

Green Peppers are called Capiscum, Cream Soda is called "Creaming Soda" and "lemonade" is the same as Sprite.

The trunk is called the "boot"

There aren't Starbucks that we've seen so far but some McDonalds have a McCafe area, which is beside the regular counter area where they have espresso machines and you can order gourmet coffee and fancy desserts. I haven't tried a coffee there yet but I am planning on checking it out.

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