Monday, October 5, 2009

Hello Los Angeles!

Wow! Was today ever a whirlwind tour of LA! We started out with Sunset Blvd, and In and Out Burger. Wow, this burger reminded me of a yummy Buddy burger from near home. We ordered a two double cheeseburgers (one ordered animal style with a different sauce and fried onions) They were awesome burgers and the place was hopping! The fries are also worth mentioning. Fries can be filler sometimes but these were so yummy! We watched as one of the employees cut the potatoes and dumped the freshly cut fries into the oil. It doesn't get much fresher than that!

Next we went down Rodeo Drive. Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Cartier...and the high end names continue, each one sporting a uniformed security guard at the door. Needless, to say we didn't do any shopping there. We followed Rodeo over a few streets to Canyon, where we drove up the hill to a hiking trail (with watch for Rattlesnake signs) and hiked up to get some great shots of the Hollywood sign and an aerial view of LA (and smog). Next was Hollywood Boulevard, including Grauman's Chinese Theatre, complete with famous hand and footprints, the Kodak Theatre (home of the Oscars) and all the stars. I had no idea how long the stars went on. It's block after block of famous names in movies, tv and music. There are also a large number of people dressed as characters ranging from Marilyn Monroe to Spiderman to Barney. I had some really yummy peppermint and chocolate ice cream at the Disney Store on Hollywood Blvd, as we walked down the street.

We went over to The Grove, a really hip shopping area. There was a green space in the centre with children playing in hundreds of bubbles, and a live band playing. We went into Crate and Barrel (yay!) and Anthropologie (double yay!).

Lastly, we decided to check out The Lobster, a seafood restaurant in Santa Monica, right at the entrance to the Santa Monica Pier. Did you know that the Santa Monica Pier was constructed in 1909, making it 100 years old and is considered the end of Route 66? I thought that was pretty cool. We took a walk to the end of the pier and took in the ocean just after sunset. We had our yummy lobster dinner (unfortunately, we didn't feel that it was worth it for the money, as we have been spoiled forever by Canadian Maritime Lobster) and are now hanging out in our hotel by LAX. Tomorrow we have more seeing and eating to do so stay tuned. Tomorrow we are planning to go to Venice Beach, Pinks Hotdogs and Sprinkles Cupcakes! It may take a few days to get it posted though, as we have almost 20 hours of travelling first.

p.s. My rash is clearing up

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