Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Before and After: Let there be Light!

Ah yes, the familiar circa-1980's pendants. These beauties were in our front and back entrances until last week. I had been searching for some alternatives for quite some time, enlisting the opinions and help from many a friend and family member. I had few criteria, although the few stipulations I had eliminated more light fixtures than it included (but you only need to find one, right?) It had to be under $100 each and preferably closer to $50 since I needed 3 of them, less than 16 inches in height for door clearance, and it could not be a boob light. This is not the classiest description, but I'm sure you have all seen the flush-mount lights that are rounded with a "decorative" insert-metal-finish-of-choice-here finial. I had found a few options and really liked this fixture which met all of the criteria except for the price.

Well, my hubby and I were in Rona last weekend and found the fixture on clearance for 35% off!!! After a short deliberation, I flagged down the nearest stock boy and had him pull them out for me. I am debating returning to pick up another one to replace another unsightly fluorescent fixture in the office. A few days after buying them I installed them, by myself and without having to turn off every single breaker, and I love the quick update they have made to our front entrance. Don't you love a great deal?

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