Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Le chocolat

Derek went to montreal a few weeks ago for a business trip. I have always wanted to go to Montreal and Quebec City. When I was very young (like very young) I apparently went to Quebec. As a kid, when my Dad would go on business trips to Queec, I would beg to go. I begged Derek to take me. I didn't go.

I requested in lieu of a trip over to Quebec, that Derek would bring me a bit of Quebec back (ok, it was more like "If you're not going to take me, at least bring me back something good) Oh my, did he deliver! He brought me 3 items from Juliette et Chocolat, a fancy chocolat restaurant in Montreal.

The first was a beautiful box of chocolates, tied with a red ribbon.

On opening the box, there was a velum layer sealed with a brand sticker. Beneath that was a box with little windows and a perfect little chocolate in each one.

They were painted or layered or garnished. There was one with a mango bottom, one with raspberry, a chocolate truffle, a vanilla caramel chocolate with sea salt. They were delicious. Derek also brought me 2 containers of hot chocolate. One milk, one dark chocolate. They are decadent! He also brought me some maple syrup in a fun metal can.

Thanks hon!

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