Sunday, September 19, 2010

This weekend...

Derek is away for the weekend and I have a to do list that I will attempt to finish before he returns. Our countertops are coming tomorrow morning at 8:30 am (!!!) so I have to prep for that as well as a pharmacy presentation next week. I'm going to write everything down here so that I have to get it done. Will you hold me to it?

This weekend I must...

Patch the new drywall
Repair the wall for tile installation
Prime and Paint the new drywall
Remove the window trim
Wash the dishes
Clean off the countertops
Finish, fold and put away the mountain of laundry
Clean out the laundry room
Start and Finish researching for my presentation
Meet a friend for coffee (ok, so that's not really a "to do"item)

Do you find that your weekends turn into to-do lists? I hope yours is going well.

p.s. Update pics coming tomorrow after the countertop install!

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