Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things, they are a-changin'

Oh, the delight of change! I love it that I am finally starting to get a glimpse of the finished kitchen! In an attempt to avoid frustration and anxiety about the fact that our kitchen is in total disarray and that all of the timelines have flown out the window, I haven't been getting to excited about renos lately, but I may have reached a turning point.

We ordered our countertop just over 2 weeks ago. Our trusty cabinet-maker, Clint was here last Tuesday to bring us the new lower cabinets and upper cabinets that I changed at the last minute-perhaps a bit crazy but a MUCH better use of space than the desk area that served only as a clutter catcher. After the delivery of the new white cabinet boxes, Derek commented that the cream interiors of our existing cabinets didn't look so nice and that we should paint the interiors white. I picked up a can of melamine paint and spent 2 evenings getting a bit high and stinking up the house, but the interiors look sooo much fresher!

Today our electrician, Brian, came to move electrical service around, wire for the oven, and run wire for new lights over the island. There is drywall dust all over the place and more holes in my walls, but it's progress! Friday, Clint will come to install lower cabinets and do some other picture-worthy stuff. Have you noticed how sometimes a tradesperson will come, work all day, and then there is nothing really picture worthy? It's all the prep that takes the time but results in a better finished kitchen. Our countertops are being installed on Monday morning, bright and early, so there is the potential that we will be done everything in 3 weeks!!!

Here are a few pics that I snapped tonight. Even though we have officially passed the 6 month mark (we started the reno craziness March 11), I have a feeling that it will feel like a drop in the bucket of time and I won't believe (or remember) all the work that has been done.

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