Thursday, June 24, 2010

House Updates-Part 3

Oh my, so if you are contemplating a reno and those who have done it already tell you that things will take longer and cost more than you are expecting...I will join in that chorus and agree! Besides our appliance being late, difficulty sourcing cabinet finishes, and out of square doors and windows, everything is going well. Our original deadline of mid-July seems a pipe dream at this point but end of August is not too far and seeming more realistic. Here are some updated pictures of the progress. the tile at the front door, back entrance and laundry room is complete, which has been very nice.

The front rug with the new tile!

The pillow covers are done for the living room:

The Office/Sewing Room:

Laundry Room with new Tile!

The front door looked a bit dingy with the new tile and trim:

But no worries. There's nothing a quick coat, or 2, or 3 can't fix!

The only completed room on the entire main floor!

Back entrance with new tile:

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