Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ma Maison d'aujourd'hui...une mise a jour

(My house update)

So today I painted some more of the door jams...less crisis over painting the wood today. I also finished up painting all of the baseboards. Did I mention that we are replacing all of the trim and baseboards? This also means I am painting the door jams. Tuesday night I started painting. Now, we have oak trim, which is ok but I really wanted larger trim and white so that there wouldn't be quite as much wood and not be so dark. When I started painting, it looked horrible. The paint was streaky and I instantly regretted it. I asked Derek to come and look as the anxiety was growing. I could hear all of the pro-wood, painting nay-sayers coming into the house and saying "I can't believe you painted the wood" and the feeling of regret grew. Thankfully, Derek came and talked me down from the ledge (metaphorically) and I'm ok...I think.

The nice thing about all of the changes is that as things are completed, Derek and I look at each other and say "It's going to look so great when it's done". I definitely have to keep my eye on the goal as the disorganization is threatening to get to me. (I know I shouldn't complain at all about being able to renovate though)

Here is an updated look of what my house looks like this evening (at the request of my Dad):

This is what the wood looks like after 1 coat of paint (so ugly):

Front Hall-the grey is levelling compound:

Living Room:

Dining Room-storage space (can you see my new rug? I love the chevron pattern!):

Bedroom with white painted trim!:

Our Bedroom-hardwood is in, but might come out for floor re-levelling:


More Kitchen:

Laundry Room-catching stuff (I'm embarrassed about this room especially)

The Office-subfloor down and ready for hardwood:

The Back Closet with Garbage Can:

The Back Entrance:

The Garage:

The kitties don't seem to be bothered by the reno:

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