Tuesday, March 23, 2010

House Renos!

So...as with all renos, we started with something that actually needed doing. Our linoleum needed replacing, so we wanted to replace it with hardwood. Since we were doing that, we thought why not replace the carpet with hardwood too. Then we thought we would put tile at the entrances and the laundry room.

Realizing that doing the floors would require us to move the kitchen island, we thought that perhaps we should replace it. Then we thought, while we were doing that, we should raise the cabinets as we like my parents that are higher than standard. Since our oven is in the island we considered what we would replace it with and I said that I would eventually like to have a double oven and a flat cooktop. But if we're doing that we will need to replace the countertops. So then we might as well do a full kitchen reno as we don't like the configuration and the light fixture (nice 80's flourescent that breaks every time we replace a bulb)/ Oh, and I forgot to mention that baseboards and moldings are easier to replace and upgrade since they're already off.

Oh gosh, even with writing it down, it seems like a lot. ETA: June/July...I hope...

So we've been going at this for a week and a half, we are living downstairs, we have already had a few setbacks (unlevel front hall and out of stock tiles)

Here's a peak at what it started as and what is happening around here:



(My brother-in-law Scott doing the flooring in the kitchen)

(Derek and Scott removing the toilet. I had to crop the pic to avoid showing the plummer bum ;) )

(yes, that is a toilet in my kitchen)

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