Thursday, January 14, 2010


Is it too late to reflect on 2009? I've been thinking about it in the sense that I want to review where I've been and figure out where I want to go next.

My boss puts sayings on the sign in front of our store that change every 2 weeks and I have to admit the current ones are making me think. The first one is " Resolutions-They go in one year and out the other" and the second is "Resolutions, without plans, are just wishful thinking". More food for thought was provided in a link via DesignMom. It had 100 Skills Everyone should master. As I read through them, I thought of which ones I had achieved, and was inspired to accomplish more. Rather than resolustions, which tend to feel like obligations after about a month, I prefer to make shorter term goals that can be completed (I have to admit, I like the gratification of knowing I can check something off my list)

I thought I'd list off some things I tried last year, and make a list for the coming year.

- Learn to quilt
- Make hollandaise sauce from scratch
- Poach a perfect egg
- Travel beyond North America
- Start a blog

- Learn another language
- Try yoga
- Use a compass
- Learn to knit/Finish a knitting project
- Clean out my closet

I would love to hear your resolutions/goals/etc


  1. We're hopefully going to buy a house!! :)

    What language are you going to learn?

  2. I was thinking either French or Low German. Yay for house buying!!!