Saturday, April 23, 2011


The nursery is almost done. Here are a few pics to show the progress.

We decided to use as much furniture that we could that we already had. Without a closet, we needed some serious storage. A wardrobe and dresser that I already had worked in place of a closet and change table. The chair was our splurge for the room. We thankfully got it on sale on boxing day. It's a rocker/recliner and is very comfy. The crib was a bit of a journey to get. I had seen it on a number of blogs and really loved the spun spindles. I also knew I wanted a white crib as I didn't want to try and match with the existing furniture that we were using. I couldn't find it in Canada or from any of the larger American retailers, so we ordered it through Amazon...twice. Thankfully it worked out on the second try and I think it just works so well in the room. (Thanks Susan!)

The curtains I made after ordering some fabric online that I had also seen on a blog. The crib skirt, change pad cover, diaper pail liner, and boppy cushion cover I also made, while my mom made all the crib sheets (Thanks Mom). I loved to see where I could save and also liked that I could really get what I was looking for without having to shop for hours, break the bank, or scour websites. All that we need is the mobile I'm working on and some artwork for the walls...oh, and it's tiny new resident (in about 6 weeks)!

Ok, onto the pics:

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