Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy 30th Derek!!

This is the story of the surprise party that wouldn't be.

I was torn about how to celebrate Derek's milestone birthday. While in renos, I knew that a full-out invite-everyone-you-know shindig was not in the cards. Derek suggested a July fete after completing the renos was what he would prefer, but a friend suggested that I couldn't let his birthday pass without a little party, which confirmed what I was already thinking.

So I thought of what would be most "him". Derek is not a fancy dinner party guy. He isn't into anything fancy for that matter. I decided to plan what Derek would like without worrying about what others might like. I cam up with golf and food. Derek had mentioned that he would like ribs for supper, so I found a favorite recipe for ribs and baked beans and then added in 3 salads, Dad's Rootbeer in bottles and desserts including cheesecake, pie and store-bought cookies (he doesn't ever eat my homemade cookies which, I have to say, is more a reflection of his taste than my baking abilities)

Anyway, it was to be a semi-surprise party. Semi-surprise because this would keep his schedule open, but allow my to do what I wanted in planning without interference and to preserve a bit of surprise. He knew that there were people coming on Saturday, but not who and/or what the plans were. One day before the party, one of his friends called his cell telling him that he wasn't going able to make it for golf!!! GRRRR...I officially uninvited that friend, and then re-invited him (note: he admitted this isn't the first surprise party he has spilled the beans on, as if this was to make me feel better...seriously?)

I think the guys had a good time as they stayed pretty late. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. Warm, and barely a breeze for golf and weather that allowed for dinner on the deck. The food and the rootbeer was a hit and we celebrated Derek's entrance into the thirties with a bang!!!!

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